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Wide assortment

There are main difficulties in choosing glasses: quality, optimum price and a frame matching your face. Leave them on us and just enjoy your perfect purchase. There is an incredible accessories variety on our website which meets the needs both choosy fashionmonger and humble ascetic. Here you can find glasses of famous brands such as Christian Dior, the price of which is 7000 UAH and budget-friendly but high quality models starting from 200 UAH. Also pay your attention to some elegant vintage frames and Polish frames, costing from 350 UAH. Have you some doubts that the model you like does not match you? Then we will consult you and help to pick perfect glasses for you!

Individual lenses installation and replacement

You have found a cherished model with a perfect frame but standard lenses do not match it? So just ask us to install lenses of any color or diopters into your future glasses and choose the material – plastic or metal. You may choose these options making an order or use them for models already presented on our website. Just note in order that you want to install some other lenses or get in touch with our manager by the telephone or using Telergam.

Sterling service

How often you may hear something like “there is nothing I can do, sorry” having something to repair? A chance to hear that from us is minimal. We are the first who started to fix glasses in Kiev and now there are more than 30 000 of saved glasses under our experts’ belts! Only they can deal with the most hopeful cases to renew your favorite accessory. By the way, you may have a free service of your glasses during the first month after the purchase in our shop (only if you did not throw your glasses in blaze anger during some love drama).

Well-coordinated operation

Our family business in optics sphere exists about 15 years and there is a formula for its success – network of partners, thoroughness in work and individual approach to each customer. We sold more than 13000 of glasses, replaced more than 10000 lenses and made thousands of people happier all over Ukraine and the world. If you used to choose the best – than choose us!